Jason Perry



More than just an architect, Jason is a problem solver.  With a calm-headed and even-keeled approach, he enjoys analyzing complex problems that may not have clear solutions.  A perfectionist at heart, and the quality control guru of the office, he is constantly pushing his team to raise the bar and improve upon projects and methods of the past.

When not scrutinizing drawings or digging through specifications, Jason can be found enjoying the flavors of Decatur with his wife Sarah, or listening to heavy weight vinyl records on his (entry level) audiophile stereo system.  A purist in more areas than just music, he believes that putting together a tight set of construction drawings and specifications is an art form in itself.  His rooted upbringing in Nashville, Georgia (that’s right, not Tennessee) instilled in him a passion for hard work and continual improvement in every aspect of life, not the least his architectural projects.


Jason is NCARB certified and is registered to practice architecture in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Missouri.